Elzetta 2 Stage clicky tailcap

Elzetta has begun to expand their line of lights beyond the simple one model they started with by taking a modular approach to accessories.  Their new 2 stage tailcap will expand the functionality of their existing 2-cell ZFL-M60 and as well their new 3-cell model.

Elzetta 2-Stage Tailcap

Elzetta 2-Stage Tailcap

Being more of an accessory than a full light, I decided a more limited review would work just as well so you will not see my usual sub-headings.

Operation of the 2-stage tailcap is inherently familiar to anyone who has spent time using today’s current generation of quality flashlights.  It has the very basic tightened for high and loosened for low modes familiarized by Fenix and other common brands.  The essential difference here is that the mode selection is now at the same end of the light as the power switch.  This makes changing modes possible single-handedly without altering your grip on the light.  This isn’t completely smooth and easy to do, but that is only because the thick o-rings provide a bit of friction against turning.  That’s one detriment to good watertight seals.

The new low mode opened up with this tailcap is purportedly 15 lumens of output and is capable of running for over 40 hours.  This level in practice is a touch lower than most general purpose modes on two stage lights available currently, but with the superb spread of the Malkoff lens, it makes for a very useful beam still.

Aesthetically, the tailcap offers very little change from the basic momentary twisty design.  It does end up stretching just a touch taller, extending the lights overall length, but in daily use this is unnoticeable.  Being made from the same hard anodized aluminum as the light there is nothing to suggest this is anything other than original equipment, all the way down to the same tailcap button emblazoned with the Elzetta “Z”.  For some reason, I really like that touch.

Height Difference

Height Difference

In all, this add-on accessory (that is incidentally also available in place of the standard tailcap during initial purchase) adds some very much needed functionality to the already excellent Elzetta/Malkoff hybrid.  It serves to round out the capabilities of very high quality tool.

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