Elzetta 2-Stage High/Strobe Tailcap

Elzetta has further expanded their modular flashlight system to now include this tactical-centric high/strobe tailcap module. This just further extends the usefulness of this variable system to customize this light to the end users specific needs.

Elzetta 2-Stage Tailcap

Elzetta 2-Stage high/strobe Tailcap

Once again, Elzetta takes the very basic concept of a simple two mode light, and polishes it until it positively sparkles. Built as an accessory to the wonderful Elzetta ZFL-M60, this tailcap accessory is alike in virtually every way to the 2-stage high/low tailcap I wrote about previously. It has the same size differential between over the standard momentary twisty. This time, however, the intended market is almost directly in line with the lions share of their demographic. Designed to assist LEO’s and the military as a disorienting tactical tool, the new modules secondary mode takes the raw power of the Malkoff M60 drop-in and strobes it mercilessly at an opponent.

Built with a standard dose of trademark Elzetta quality, this module gives the user a solid, reliable one mode light with a momentary capable forward clicky. Hidden from daily use though is the secondary/strobe mode available with a simple twist of the tailcap. Fit and finish on this unit is everything I have come to expect from Elzetta. The machine work is flawless and the anodizing is some of the best I have ever seen. I have no doubts about this switch assembly being capable of withstanding any of the punishment you would subject the light to. Elzetta is known for their nigh unto indestructible lights and this acorn didn’t fall far from the tree.

Height Difference

Height Difference

Once again, a very capable product by Elzetta. The more options you are given, the better the likelihood that you will be able to create your ideal torch. Elzetta’s modular system seems to be growing nicely into quite a selection. Elzetta simply makes some of the most durable flashlights and components available and even makes them right here in the USA. There’s something to be said for local quality.

Provided for review by the kind folks at Elzetta Design.

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