Tiny Lamplight Headlamp

Headlamps just seem to find me, don’t they? Once again, I have to begrudgingly acknowledge their usefulness, providing you have one handy.

It's Tiny. It's a Headlamp.

Tiny Lamplight

Meat and Potatoes

Hands-free light is something we take for granted when we’re working in the daylight, but find your way into the dark recesses of a factory, garage, basement, or workshop and suddenly it becomes a whole new ballgame. The same goes for nighttime activities, if you need portable light, chances are you have one less hand available for other functions. Strapping a flashlight to your head was the natural solution to this situation. Purpose-built lights that provide hands-free illumination to whatever occupies your vision.

As far as headlamps go, I’ve reviewed a few of them. Some have been dual purpose bike lights, some have astounding cool options that revolutionize the market. The Tiny Lamplight does not try to capture those markets. Instead it aims for inexpensive, lightweight, and reliable. Thus far, it appears to live up to all of these.

The Tiny Lamplight is a no frills take on illumination. It sports a 4 mode sequential interface. High > Low > constant red > blinking red > Off. This UI would drive me insane on a flashlight, but the different intended purpose of a headlamp allows it to pass as adequate. Centered in its face is a white power LED of unknown origin. I pride myself at knowing at least the major players in the LED game, maybe someone here could identify this for me because I am at a loss.

Seriously, I thought I was good at this.

Unknown LED

Output is a meager 80 lumens on high, but again, this light isn’t trying to revolutionize the industry. Good thing too, because despite not being more than a handful of years since this would be considered incredibly bright output, people these days have come to expect more from their technology. I blame the relentless pace of innovation. Still, 80 lumens from the miniscule source of 3 AAA cells is somewhat impressive none the less. These cells aren’t known for their power.

Works, but isn't revolutionary

Bright, not blinding

Constructive Criticism

My biggest gripe about this headlamp is construction. It’s not the most durable of materials. It’s been awhile since I’ve reviewed anything made entirely out of plastic, but I guess it was bound to happen. Thankfully, being a headlamp, it shouldn’t get beaten on too terribly hard, so it should hold together. My suspicions are that the tabs that hold the battery compartment closed will be the first thing to break.

In a perfect world, I’d like to see a little more output from this lamp. I understand there are a lot of factors working against it. Power source, lack of heat dissipation ability, even price all conspire to prevent serious output. For those reasons, I am willing to give the Tiny Lamplight a pass in this area. Just be aware that you won’t be entirely dazzled by the output of this one.


It’s not the most powerful headlamp in the world. It won’t change your opinion of the genre. There’s nothing groundbreaking here, but there is a solid, undeniable usefulness at a very reasonable price.

Provided for review by the kind folks at Tiny Lamplight.

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